Caring for your child’s baby teeth is one of the first steps toward creating a healthy life-long oral health routine. In addition to helping your child chew their food, primary teeth play a pivotal role in making sure their adult teeth have enough room to develop and grow in properly. Tooth decay can begin forming as soon as your child’s first teeth start to appear. Primary tooth eruption usually starts around the six-month mark.

Although Temporary, Baby Teeth are Important

Primary teeth fall out, making room for permanent teeth. That doesn’t mean they have no effect on your child’s oral health. Primary teeth can get cavities and require fillings. Keeping primary teeth healthy helps encourage permanent teeth to come in correctly. Parents should work hard to prevent oral health problems, like baby bottle tooth decay, for their children.

Baby Bottle Tooth DecayBaby bottle tooth decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a nickname for tooth decay in infants and toddlers. The name fits because the most common cause for the decay is prolonged exposure to sugary drinks, like when a baby bottle is used in place of a pacifier to help the child fall asleep. Most often, baby bottle tooth decay is found in the upper front teeth, but it can occur in any of a baby’s teeth.

Another common cause of tooth decay in babies is caused by saliva being passed from an adult to the child. For this reason in particular, it is not recommended that you share eating utensils with your child or use your own mouth to “clean” a baby’s pacifier. Your own oral bacteria can be passed to your child very easily. Making sure your child is receiving an adequate amount of fluoride is a great way to help prevent tooth decay.

Ask Your Child’s Dentist for More Tips

Set an appointment with us at Children’s Dental Care and Orthodontics to make sure your child’s baby teeth are in good shape. Our staff can give direct instructions and tips on how to keep primary teeth healthy and prepare for permanent teeth.

We are one of the most trusted pediatric dental offices in Las Vegas and our goal is to instill a foundation for healthy oral hygiene that your child can carry with them throughout their life. We look forward to assisting you in your child’s journey to a happier, healthier mouth.


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