Preventing Pediatric Dental Anxiety

Having an appointment with the pediatric dentist can be a scary event for a child if the situation is not handled properly. Studies show that roughly 10-12% of children have some sort of anxiety in relation to visiting the dentist. … Continued

Common Causes of Bleeding Gums

Seeing blood coming from your child’s mouth is one of the most frightening moments of parenthood. It happens to almost every parent at least once—more frequently for parents of more adventurous children. It can be a great relief to find … Continued

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Caring for your child’s baby teeth is one of the first steps toward creating a healthy life-long oral health routine. In addition to helping your child chew their food, primary teeth play a pivotal role in making sure their adult … Continued

How to Become a Children’s Dentist

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in Pediatric Dentistry? Becoming a children’s dentist can be a vastly rewarding career path. A child’s dentist has the responsibility of creating or defeating life-long dental anxiety in every patient they see. Children’s … Continued

Infographic: Oral Health Guideline

Sometimes, the oral health basics fall to the wayside as we get busy. Remember to brush twice a day and change your brush every three to four months. Keeping up with your day-to-day oral health routine will help you avoid … Continued

Oral Piercings and Oral Health

If you have a child, it’s likely you’ll soon be the parent of a teenager. There is something magical and magnetic that happens between teenagers and piercings. Prepare yourself. About 14% of people in the United States have a piercing … Continued

Las Vegas Dentists Advise on Travel Toothbrushes

You’ve packed all your clothes. You booked the hotel room and double-checked your flight itinerary. But you still feel like there’s something missing. One of those items people commonly forget when preparing for a vacation is a toothbrush. It’s usually … Continued

Can Chewing Gum be good for Oral Health?

Since ancient times, people have chewed gum in some form. Most ancient gum came from different types of trees all over the world. Gum is just as popular as ever, but it’s now made from synthetic materials. Most assumptions made … Continued


I brought in both of my children (6 and 4), the staff was so friendly, patient, and accommodating. From the receptionist, the hygienist, to the dentist there is a high degree of professionalism exhibited throughout!

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