You’ve packed all your clothes. You booked the hotel room and double-checked your flight itinerary. But you still feel like there’s something missing. One of those items people commonly forget when preparing for a vacation is a toothbrush.

It’s usually possible to buy a new toothbrush when you arrive at your vacation spot, but some remote locations make buying a new toothbrush much more difficult. According to Las Vegas pediatric dentists, the best thing to do is to purchase and keep a travel toothbrush to take with you anytime you go on vacation.

Las Vegas Dentists Advise on Travel ToothbrushesUse One Toothbrush at Home and One as a Travel Toothbrush

When traveling with a toothbrush, sometimes the bristles can develop mold in transit. To eliminate this issue, get a new toothbrush that will be free of mold. When you choose your travel toothbrush, buy one with a well-ventilated cap so the bristles can dry out even when the cap is closed.

Also, thoroughly clean the toothbrush before you pack it away. This will reduce the possibility of the travel toothbrush developing mold and harming your dental health. Before storing your travel toothbrush, we advise that you clean it with warm water, soak it in mouthwash, and finally, rinse it off again with cool water.

Don’t forget your travel toothbrush when doing routine replacements

You’ve marked all important oral health dates in your calendar. Include dates to replace your travel toothbrushes, too. Recommended frequency varies depending on how often you travel. If you use your travel toothbrush almost as often as you use the at-home toothbrush, replace it every three to four months. If travel is less common, and you’ve properly stored the travel toothbrush, you may only need to replace it every 9-12 months.

Let the toothbrush see the light of day

No matter how frequently you travel, you shouldn’t store your travel toothbrush in your toiletries bag or Dopp kit when you aren’t traveling. Mold loves damp and dark spots, so take the travel cap off and store the brush upright and out in the open. This is especially important directly after travel use.

Get More Tips on the Best Travel Toothbrushes

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