How To Brush Baby TeethSo, you have a baby. Wouldn’t it be nice if your baby boy or girl came with a birthmark that also doubled for a set of instructions? Well, having a child is a learning experience. There is not set of instructions on how to care for the little bugger. But here are a few tips on how to brush baby teeth. It is somewhat important to also consider some of these tips even before they begin teething because it may help to transition your baby into brushing when he/she gets older.

A good idea is to get your baby used to cleaning and brushing by using a soft clean towel to wipe his/her gums. This will also help you to more easily find out when or if they are teething. Another thing to consider is to do simple things like feeding your baby water after he/she has finished drinking her milk. Excess milk in a baby’s mouth can form and breed bacteria that can lead to bad baby breath (one of the most horrible cases of bad breath). So, after your baby finishes with his/her milk bottle, fill it with some water to help your baby rinse her palette.

Children begin to teeth at about 6 months, but some babies don’t show signs of any teeth for 15 – 18 months. When teeth begin to appear, use a small toothbrush with soft bristles to brush your baby’s teeth twice a day. The foods babies eat leave a residue in their mouths that help to generate a natural but powerful acid that breaks down this residue. This acid assists in tooth decay and should be properly removed with light brushing. Toothpaste is not yet necessary when they are babies. According to the ADA (American Dental Association) children don’t need toothpaste and fluoride until they are 2 years of age. However, it is advised that you bring them do a dentist when their first tooth arrives or no later than his/her first birthday

So, caring for your baby’s mouth is what it’s all about. Plenty of toys and other oddities will end up there, but as long as you maintain good brushing habits for your baby, your baby will never be embarrassed to smile for mommy and daddy (and you won’t either).


I brought in both of my children (6 and 4), the staff was so friendly, patient, and accommodating. From the receptionist, the hygienist, to the dentist there is a high degree of professionalism exhibited throughout!

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