Dental care is one of the most important things to be mindful as your child grows up. However, sometimes, dental problems like gum disease, tooth decay come up. Sometimes your child may need dental implants or a root canal. In these cases, oral In-Office Sedationsedation may be deemed necessary in order to ease your child’s anxiety or discomfort.

What is In-Office Sedation?

Your pediatric dentist will do their best to ease your child’s fear during any of these dental procedures. Unlike general anesthesia, your child will be conscious and able to communicate during the procedure, but they will be free of pain and anxiety. This is best when your child comes in for more complicated oral care procedures.

In-office sedation is also known as conscious sedation, and it uses medication to assist the child in remaining calm and comfortable during dental treatment. It is used to ensure that the procedures can be carried out smoothly, safely and successfully.

If your child has a high level of anxiety when it comes to dental visits, or if they are very young and unable to understand how to cope or behave during a dental procedure, they may be a good candidate for in-office sedation. It is also recommended for children with special needs.

How You Can Prepare for Your Child’s Dental Work

Before an appointment in which your child will be receiving sedation, discuss with your child minimally what is going to happen during the procedure. Discuss the need to fast from fluids and food with your dentist prior to the appointment.

After a sedation appointment, your child will not be discharged until the dentist feels as if they are ready. It is best to keep your child at home for the remainder of the day with adult supervision, as they will feel a bit groggy from the procedure.

We Offer Sedation Dental Care

In the specialty of kids dentistry, we see a lot of children who may become scared or anxious about a visit to the dentist office. However, at Children’s Dental Care and Orthodontics, we are staffed with the best kids dentist Las Vegas has to offer. We make sure your child’s oral health is at its best. Bring your child in for a routine checkup today and we will assess their oral hygiene and decide whether any further dental procedures are necessary.


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