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Preventative Care

Preventative Care

A vital part of our mission here at Children’s Dental Care is to make sure that your child’s teeth are protected, preventing any discomfort that comes from cavities or sore gums. Preventative care preserves your child’s smile, and we make sure your child’s smile is a priority here at Children’s Dental.

Preventative care begins with you, the parent. Ensure that your child or children are receiving the proper nutrition and diet. Minimizing sugar and candy aside, utilize other nutritional options to keep your young one smiling. This includes nutritional and easy to serve options for your children, such as fruits and vegetables. What you may not be aware of is that bananas and raisins have a concentrated amount of natural sugars that may be damaging to your little one’s growing teeth. Increase the amount of watery vegetables and fruit, and decrease the amount of high-in-sugars fruits.

To ensure good eating habits is to also promote good brushing and flossing habits. Beginning these habits early in life can have a lifelong and meaningful impact. Help to remind your child to brush after every meal, and maintain those routines consistently. Fluoride, a major component to toothpaste, reduces a child’s risk for tooth decay. Sometimes flossing can be easy to forget about, but it is important to remain consistent, as flossing is a crucial instance of preventative care. Take time to inspect their brushing and flossing techniques or mannerisms to make sure they are washing their teeth properly and thoroughly. Don’t let them rush their way through it!

Using mouthwash adds to the well-being of little teeth. If your child is six years or older, mouthwash is a good addition to teeth cleaning, preventing plaque, cavities, and gingivitis. This is another healthy habit that children should acquire early on.

Finally, one of the most important steps you can take to prevent any damage to a child’s smile is to schedule regular visits and check-ups with Children’s Dental Care. Healthy mouths dictate an overall healthy physiology. At Children’s Dental Care, we help kids begin beneficial oral habits, manage their care individually and personally. We also assist with educating children on why taking care of their teeth is important. We evaluate the health of your child’s mouth and proceed from there with expert attention.

Our mission at Children’s Dental Care is prevention and care for your child’s teeth and smile. When it comes to any discomfort that comes from cavities or sore gums, our preventative practices help preserve your child’s smile for today and for their future. Your child’s smile is a priority here at Children’s Dental Care.


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